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The August Group Inc. is your source for dependable Real Estate Appraisals in Saint Louis City and the following counties in Missouri; St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Francois

Whether it's an older home or luxurious new construction, Jeffrey Noyes' experience and hours of study as licensed appraiser make him qualified to provide home valuations in Saint Louis City, St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Francois County for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers.

When an appraisal of real estate in or around St Louis Missouri is needed, count on Jeffrey Noyes of The August Group Inc. for an accurate estimate of market value.  As a liscenced appraiser with years of experience, Jeffrey can get you from start to finish with professionalism and in a timely manner. Listed below are just some of the areas of expertiese we deal with every day here at the August Group Inc.
Loan originators requiring an experienced Saint Louis County appraiser
Increasing your HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
Employee relocation appraisals
Picking the right listing price for your property
A dependable expert witness for court cases involving the value of a home in or around St Louis
Appraisal review: Getting a second opinion on a past appraisal in or around St Louis, Missouri
Tax Challenges (reducing property taxes) if you live in an area where prices have declined
Bankruptcy cases where the market value of a home in or around St Louis, Missouri is relevant
Retrospective home valuations
Needing an accurate estimate of a home's square footage. We can do it quickly and at a reasonable price!
Divorce settlements when the value of the shared home is needed
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5/17/2019 3:01 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBonds began the overnight session in unchanged territory but began to improve on various news reports that fueled a global flight-to-safety. These included the latest edition of US/China brinksmanship as well as a surprise update on the Brexit talks "collapsing." The Brex...Read More
Mortgage Rates End Week Near Long-Term Lows
5/17/2019 2:35 PM
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5/17/2019 7:57 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressA capital markets friend relayed this note recently received from an LO. “When do you think stated pick-a-pay products will come back? I have some borrowers with LTVs less than 70% who could really use that. Can you find us a program to offer?” Huh? Pick-...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: Limited Data; Trade Headlines Still Asking For Attention
5/17/2019 7:53 AM
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Low Rates Stabilize Refinancing Share of Originations
5/17/2019 7:09 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireRefinancing held on to a 35 percent share of mortgage originations in April according to the Origination Insight Report from Ellie Mae as the 30-year note rate dropped for the fourth consecutive month. The rate was at its highest so far at 5.01 percent in January. The April average was 4.61 percent...Read More
MBS RECAP: Logical Losses Leave Bonds in Still-Decent Shape
5/16/2019 4:57 PM
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Mortgage Rates Ebb Higher, But Only Slightly
5/16/2019 3:37 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates hit the lowest levels in more than a month yesterday and came very close to the lowest levels in more than a year. Things changed today , but only slightly. Without a fresh supply of drama or weaker economic data, the bond market deteriorated. Bonds typically benefit...Read More
MBA Betting on New Home Sales Surge
5/16/2019 11:42 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireApplications for new home purchases jumped 15.6 percent in April compared to a year ago and were 3.0 percent higher than in March. The Mortgage Bankers Association said these non-seasonally adjusted numbers indicate there will be a strong increase in new home sales for the month. "There was a healt...Read More
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5/16/2019 8:59 AM
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