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The August Group Inc. is your source for dependable Real Estate Appraisals in Saint Louis City and the following counties in Missouri; St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Francois

Whether it's an older home or luxurious new construction, Jeffrey Noyes' experience and hours of study as licensed appraiser make him qualified to provide home valuations in Saint Louis City, St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Francois County for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers.

When an appraisal of real estate in or around St Louis Missouri is needed, count on Jeffrey Noyes of The August Group Inc. for an accurate estimate of market value.  As a liscenced appraiser with years of experience, Jeffrey can get you from start to finish with professionalism and in a timely manner. Listed below are just some of the areas of expertiese we deal with every day here at the August Group Inc.
Loan originators requiring an experienced Saint Louis County appraiser
Increasing your HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
Employee relocation appraisals
Picking the right listing price for your property
A dependable expert witness for court cases involving the value of a home in or around St Louis
Appraisal review: Getting a second opinion on a past appraisal in or around St Louis, Missouri
Tax Challenges (reducing property taxes) if you live in an area where prices have declined
Bankruptcy cases where the market value of a home in or around St Louis, Missouri is relevant
Retrospective home valuations
Needing an accurate estimate of a home's square footage. We can do it quickly and at a reasonable price!
Divorce settlements when the value of the shared home is needed
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Mortgage News Daily:
More Tame Inflation; More Bond Losses
8/11/2022 11:57 AM
Up is down, old is new, green is red, etc.  Here we are with a second straight day with inflation data coming in significantly lower than forecast and the second straight day with bonds paradoxically weakening.  Today"s version is a bit different.  Yesterday began with a decent, logical head start into positive territory.  Yield...Read More
Recruiting, Cap. Mkts., DPA, Lead Conversion, Broker Products; Jumbo, Non-Agency, Non-QM News
8/11/2022 9:33 AM
We began 2022 thinking that this might be the “Year of Non-QM.” The product certainly has its advantages for some borrowers, and lenders & investors. And then First Guaranty and Sprout vanished, and the herd of lenders was spooked, began talking about March of 2020 when some investors backed away from the market, and everyone was reminded to ne...Read More
Rates Started Lower, But Rose Unexpectedly This Afternoon
8/10/2022 4:37 PM
First thing"s first: we deal in extremely granular terms when it comes to mortgage rate movement here.  If you"re just looking for an idea of how today"s rates are versus yesterday"s, they"re lower.  The headline is a reference to intraday reprices--the practice of changing rates for better or worse during the business day in response to ...Read More
How In The World Did Bonds Lose Ground After a Big Drop in Inflation?
8/10/2022 4:02 PM
How In The World Did Bonds Lose Ground After a Big Drop in Inflation? This morning"s hotly anticipated CPI data came in well below forecast--a turn of events that should have produced a nice little rally in the bond market.  Bonds did indeed rally initially, but began backtracking almost immediately (M...Read More
CPI Delivers on Volatility Promise And on Paradoxical Potential
8/10/2022 11:24 AM
Reliably predicting the future in terms of directional market movement is tricky if not wholly impossible, but predicting higher odds of volatility is a different story.  When it comes to a report like the Consumer Price Index in the middle of 2022, we can be reasonably sure we"ll see some bigger movement, for better or worse.  Today"s in...Read More
Automation, Non-QM products; LD,Notarize,Cypress, and UWM in the News; Disaster Updates; CPI and Rate Volatility
8/10/2022 9:40 AM
Big and small, they aren’t the first and won’t be the last. Residential lenders everywhere are ruminating on Notarize laying off 75 percent of its legal staff, the closure of fledgling correspondent Cypress Mortgage Capital, “powered by Celebrity Home Loans,” and the announced winddown and shutdown of loanDepot’s wholesale channel, effective by Hal...Read More
Refinancing Picks Up Slightly. Overall Volume Still Flat
8/10/2022 8:01 AM
Mortgage applications rose slightly for the second week, driven by an increase in refinancing. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said its Market Composite Index for the week ended August 5 increased 0.2 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis. The Refinance Index was up 3.5 percent from the previous week, its largest gain since early June, ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Lower so Far This Week, But Well Above Thursday"s Lows
8/9/2022 4:03 PM
Mortgage rates had a bad day last Friday, rising at a very fast pace and ultimately making it almost all the way back to the previous week"s highs.  The new week started on a stronger note with rates recovering some of the lost ground yesterday and generally holding onto that improvement today. The ground-holding is impressive given the fact ...Read More
Tuesday Was Tame, But Wednesday Probably Won"t Be
8/9/2022 3:24 PM
Tuesday Was Tame, But Wednesday Probably Won"t Be Tuesday"s trading session was boring, with rates hitting domestic hours at slightly higher levels and then holding almost perfectly flat for the duration.  This morning"s commentary discussed the possibility that Wednesday"s CPI data could end up lookin...Read More
Auction Concessions and Pre-CPI Positioning
8/9/2022 10:16 AM
Last week offered up decent bookends for a narrow, short-term range.  A series of downbeat economic reports set the low yields last Monday.  Then Fed speakers and strong data pushed back in the other direction.  The breadth of the range was finally realized on Friday after the jobs report.  Since then, not only would it be withi...Read More