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Accurate information is the consumers best defense! 

  • Do you need a quick turn around time on your appraisal?           The August Group Inc. Inc's investment in technology means you will get faster turn-around times and lower costs.
  • Need a trustworthy appraiser with years of experience?          Look no further, as a licensed appraiser, Jeff Noyes of the August Group Inc. has the education and qualifications to provide the type of reliable and accurate home values that  consumers, banks and major lending institutions require. Accommodating you with more than 15 years of experience, The August Group Inc. Inc. is prepared to handle a variety of property types.  Accurate information is the consumers best defense! 
  • How about an informative web-site that provides you the ability to place your order directly and answer your questions 24/7?  The August Group Inc. Inc. takes pride in providing personalized customer service via telephone, sending an email or communicating through this web-site.  Giving you the ability to place orders, check the status of those orders and even download complete reports, this web-site is a valuable tool to the consumer.  Here at The August Group Inc. Inc. we appreciate you taking the time to visit and browse the site at your leisure.  If you still have questions you can check out our FAQ page.  However, if you dont find your answer at FAQ please don't hesitate to contact me, Jeff Noyes, directly at   636-299-7513.  Remember, your property value is our priority!